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PetroCRM For All Sectors

PetroCRM for all sectors build by the expert team of The Petronics where we working in CRM business for more than 10 years and developing solutions for many of different sectors. Our CRM solutions mostly focus on your business process - from sales and marketing through to service, helpdesk and management. Following are the covered sectors:
- Automotive
- Law & Associates Firm
- Insurance
- IT Companies
- Tourism & Event Management
- Management Consulting
- Accountants and Management
- Food
- Service Providers
and much more others

Project Details

  • Live demo: On Request
  • Target Industry: ALL
  • Supported Platforms: Web, Mobile, Tablet


Each of your company’s departments has a unique process—not only how they work individually, but how they work together.Our CRM system gives you the tools to manage, measure and improve your processes. Creating workflow rules, for example, ensures that your sales reps follow specific stages throughout the sales cycle.
One of the immediate and most visible benefits of a CRM system is the elimination of the weekly, manual status report. Salespeople who track all their opportunities in a CRM system no longer have to manually create a spreadsheet and send it as a status report to their manager at the end of the week. Our CRM system can automatically run a status report and email it to your sales manager. Management similarly has access to all the sales data online and can run its own reports without even having to wait for status updates.
Communication is key for each department to work efficiently with one another. Lack of collaboration on a departmental and organizational level can lead to confusion, longer sales cycles and incorrect information. Our CRM application gives you visibility across departments, can help you track your marketing e$orts all the way through closing a deal, and can even manage post-sales support. When using CRM, your employees can more easily share information with each other, which may result in a faster sales cycle and increased revenues.
Without a CRM system, it is hard to have detailed sales numbers and compare them with your company’s past performance. Spreadsheets only tell a small part of the story, so trying to correlate marketing activities to sales performance is even more difficult. Our CRM system should come standard with reporting capabilities. This allows you to slice and dice historical and current customer, sales, marketing, and support information any way you want. With this detailed information, your company can determine what practices are successful and which ones need improvement.
Many of us already keep our customer contacts in some sort of system, all the way from business cards to notebooks; Post-it Notes to Excel spreadsheets; email to contact databases; and in some cases, even our memory. With these systems, there are several pitfalls. What if you lose your computer? What if your top salesperson leaves the company with his little black book? What if you forget the customer information that is so vital to your company’s success? Our CRM system allows you to store your information in a third-party system. This means that if you were to lose your computer or your top sales person were to leave the company, you would not lose your information. The information would remain in the on-site server or cloud services provided by the CRM vendor. These services mean that you can breathe easier knowing your information is always accessible when you need it.

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